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The benefits speak for themselves

Quicker service, a better turnaround and smiles on faces.

In a time when customer service in the restaurant industry has never been as important, this is a solution that caters to all. Our technology helps free up your restaurant’s waiters, allowing them to work under less stressful conditions, and therefore provide customers with a better quality of service as a result. 

With Crakos, a restaurant’s operations become infinitely more streamlined, both in terms of time and money, and not to mention that your customers leave happier!

A Menu That Works Around You.

Crakos is changing the way the restaurant world works, for both the business and the customer alike. Crakos enables customers to order their meal and pay for it all with a few taps of their phone. 

The Crakos Features - 

  • Allows your customers to order online

  • Our system can be used a table ordering system too.

  • Crackos aids you in managing your staff and helps to minimise labour costs

  • Take away and delivery options available, configured to reach your kitchen within seconds

  • Our system can be used on multiple sites should you have a chain of restaurants across the UK. 


“The perfect solution to quick service for our customers and a less stressful situation for our win if you ask me!”

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