About Us

The restaurant sector is as competitive as it’s ever been; previously it may have been hard to reconcile the increasing expectations of the customer with the sustained wellbeing and happiness of your staff. But not anymore. Crakos offers a technological solution for the customer’s needs. With just a couple of clicks, customers can order their food and pay for it, removing the need for waiters to come and take their orders and process their bill. 


There’s nothing more frustrating as a customer than sitting in a restaurant for what seems like hours for a waiter to come and take your order. “Did that table over there get their order taken first? But we arrived before them?”. The reality of today’s frenetic hospitality sector means that waiters are often rushed off their feet, and this impacts on the customer’s overall experience as a result. Time To Dine allows you to dine at your own pace, you order when you’re ready, which can be as quickly as you wish.


The demands placed on waiters today is immense. Nobody can be in two places at once, yet the business of some restaurants means you’d think that some waiters would have to be. A huge part of their time is taken up by taking people’s orders and trying to work out people’s bills. Thanks to Crakos, waiters have more time, which can be spent making those people they do interact with (serving food, for example) much happier.


Crakos helps your restaurant run more smoothly, your staff work more happily and your customers leave with greater satisfaction. In a world where time is short, it’s Crakos. 

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